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Confronting General Negligence Disputes

Duggan Pawlowski & Cooke LLP represents clients in negligence cases involving bodily injury, property damage, lost profits, business interruption, and other damages. In every situation, protecting the client and advocating for their interests are what we do. Any time a person is alleged to have caused injury or damage by their actions or failure to act, enlisting the help of a knowledgeable attorney is always a wise move.

Experienced Advocacy In General Negligence Cases

In any accident involving potential third-party liability, retaining knowledgeable legal counsel is critical.

Our team will help insureds and self-insured entities pursue the results they deserve, always with efficiency and litigation costs in mind.

Limiting Liability With Knowledge Of The Insurance Industry

What sets us apart is our experience and specialized knowledge in these areas:

  • Effective litigation budget planning
  • Civil procedure and local court rules
  • A broad spectrum of insurance coverages
  • Case law and regulations pertaining to the insurance industry
  • Insurance industry practices

This focused knowledge helps us be your best advocates.

Obtain A General Negligence Case Evaluation

Call us at 716-575-5529 or email this quick form to schedule a consultation as soon as possible with an experienced general negligence lawyer.

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