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DWI Defense

Duggan Pawlowski & Cooke LLP successfully represents defendants that are charged with a misdemeanor or felony Driving While Intoxicated (“DWI”). Like any other criminal charge, all people are innocent until proven guilty. Duggan Pawlowski & Cooke LLP can help assure that your rights are protected in all phases of your DWI proceeding, and that a proper and forceful defense is brought on your behalf.

A conviction on any DWI charge will result in extremely severe legal and financial consequences in New York. DWI charges are treated very seriously (and even differently from many other crimes) by District Attorneys’ offices throughout the state. As such, there is usually a very small chance of getting a favorable plea offer to a non-criminal infraction, such as Driving While Ability Impaired (“DWAI”), depending on the court and the facts of your case.

If you are charged with such a crime, you will need an attorney that will thoroughly research each and every aspect of your case, make any and all legal motions to dismiss the charges and/or to suppress evidence, and finally, to accurately and truthfully counsel you whether or not to proceed to trial.

There are many law firms nowadays that specialize solely in taking DWI cases. However, they can often be too costly for many people. You need an attorney who has the professional experience to handle your case, but at a reasonable rate that you can afford.

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