For-Sale-By-Owner Transactions: How To Avoid Costly Pitfalls

Selling property on your own does not come without risks. If the buyer has a real estate agent, they may end up sneaking provisions into the contract that aren't in your favor. Additionally, you must comply with exceedingly complex legal requirements to make sure the deal is done correctly.

Fortunately, you can have our experienced attorneys assist you with the closing process. As an attorney state, both parties are required under New York law to have independent representation. When you hire Duggan Pawlowski & Cooke LLP, you have highly experienced and knowledgeable representation on your side.

Why Do-It-Yourself Options Fall Short

For-sale-by-owner (FSBO) transactions involve much more than paperwork. There are countless legal nuances to negotiating a fair deal and protecting your interests. "Do-it-yourself" services like Zillow, Trulia and LegalZoom simply can't protect you the same way a well-trained lawyer can.

With so much at stake, it's worth the investment in sound legal guidance upfront to avoid costly mistakes down the road.

Choosing The Right Attorney

It's important to choose a lawyer who understands real estate law. With the continually evolving legal requirements for extensive disclosures and other paperwork, it's virtually impossible for those not experienced in this specific area of law to provide worthwhile guidance.

At Duggan Pawlowski & Cooke LLP, we provide experienced and knowledgeable representation for buyers and sellers in for-sale-by-owner transactions. Based in Buffalo, our lawyers handle transactions throughout the Greater Western New York area.

We make it easy and affordable to get knowledgeable, trustworthy legal guidance.

The best time to involve a lawyer is sooner rather than later. We can assist you with all aspects of the process, including:

  • Negotiating a fair deal
  • Drawing up the right paperwork
  • Performing title searches
  • Executing the closing

To learn more, call 716-575-5LAW or send us an email. Your initial consultation is free, and we offer convenient weekday, evening and weekend availability.